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Sunday, July 18, 2010


From this moment on, EXTRA charge will be added into customer's bill if the customer is late for pick up.

Half an hour late : RM 30
45 minutes late : RM 45
1 hour late : RM 60

and so on....

*Every minute = RM1

I've been doing this business for 2 years and now come to a point that I could not tolerate tardiness anymore. I can wait for 5 -15 minute, that is acceptable. But when I have to wait for an hour, it is unacceptable. When u r late, it shows that u have no respect for other people and u have no respect for time. When u r late, u have wasted my time. Time is so important and precious to me.

So make sure when u r setting the time for ur pick up, set a time when u can actually be there at the exact time. This will save ur money. This is not a joke, this is serious. Kindly remember this notice. Thank you.

Sabrina Azmi


  1. tak takut customer lari ke? like seminit lambat rm1 will be charge..cuak gila i nak beli dari u lagi

  2. the charges start when u r late for half and hour. please read again, i think u are misunderstood. thank u.